Performance Review

Education Sector

SEDCO Holding is investing in education as a building block to the future. Through strategic investments in education providers such as Yusr International Schools, the Group is equipping a new generation with the tools and aptitude required for global success.

These efforts support Saudi Vision 2030, which calls for the development of skills to support national growth. SEDCO seeks to fulfil a vital role in providing international quality schooling for young Saudis and residents.

Yusr International

Established in 2007, Yusr International Schools (YIS) is a private school catering to the local and expatriate communities in Jeddah. The school offers the American curriculum and in 2019 was accredited to also offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program.

Aisha Al Otaibi
Chief Executive Officer


This made YIS an IB World School and sets the groundwork for planned accreditation to offer the IB Middle Years Program towards 2020/2021.

As well as operating the Jeddah campuses, YIS also operates two Tatweer-developed and owned kindergarten schools in Makkah with a total capacity of 240 students. The schools form part of a YIS strategy to establish its brand across Saudi Arabia as an owner and operator.

SEDCO first invested in YIS with a 50% stake in 2017, as part of its strategy to direct investment priorities to core growth sectors such as education, which are aligned to Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Plan. Highlighting its commitment to the sector, SEDCO recently increased its shareholding to 60% and assumed majority representation on the Board of Directors.

Al Nahda, the larger of YIS’s two Jeddah school campuses, has 1,500 pupils. Pre-primary students benefit from mixed classes up to Grade 3 and from Grades 4 to 12 it only hosts female-only classes. The smaller Al-Shatea campus in Jeddah caters for boys from Grades 4 to 12, with 500 pupils.

Construction of two new purpose-built campuses in the Al-Shatea district was initiated in 2018, with a view to ensuring sustainable business growth and providing quality education. The new Al-Shatea boy’s campus was completed in 2019 and work on the girl’s building is progressing well. Both will have a combined capacity of 3,740 students and are expected to be operational for the beginning of the 2020/2021 academic year.

The objective is to develop YIS as SEDCO’s education platform and define responsibilities and performance indicators across all key areas. Towards this objective, specialist consultants were appointed during the year and an educational advisory committee was formed, tasked with developing YIS’s organizational structure and detailed policies and procedures. Governance was further improved through the establishment of the Compensation and Nomination Committee and Audit & Risk Committee, including independent members.

A new brand was developed in 2019 featuring the stylized Arabic word ‘Yusr’ with an icon of stacked books. It emphasizes ‘Inspiring Identity’ and ‘Comprehensive Nurturing’, as YIS believes in a learning environment that builds on its cultural identity, mutual respect and educational excellence.