Corporate Review
Human Resources Department

Attracting, training and retaining the people that power SEDCO’s success is the responsibility of the HR Department. It also delivers support services to Group operating companies and advises on policy at Board level.


A major new initiative in 2019 was HR Department’s greater involvement in the activities of Group companies. Previously, the central HR function was available to operating companies on request, however the new approach is proactive, especially through those companies’ Board committees.

The year also saw the fourth wave of the SEDCO Stars program that identifies highpotential employees and fast-tracks them to leadership roles within the Group.

Women’s empowerment was also a highlight of 2019, with SEDCO increasing its efforts to recruit skilled female managers.

To ensure that training is always relevant, themes and concepts change every two years. This took place in 2019, focusing on the skillsets that help the team achieve the ‘three I’s’ approach — interaction, intelligence and influence.

Commitment to training and development helps to sustain one of SEDCO’s most significant HR achievements — creation of a working culture that empowers people. The company is recognized as one of Saudi Arabia’s leading employers. Over the past four years, SEDCO has won (or been highly ranked) in the ‘Great Place to Work’ awards, last year winning the award for all of Asia.

In 2019, SEDCO was certified by the global Great Place to Work organization in recognition of its continuous efforts to develop its working environment. Candidates are evaluated and certified through a recognition and assessment program with precise criteria and multiple surveys.

Staff retention is a challenge for many Saudi corporates. Nevertheless with SEDCO being seen as a professional finishing school for young Saudi business professionals, it is particularly vulnerable to Group employees becoming attractive targets for other corporate entities.

Hence the emphasis on employee empowerment, creating a great place to work, and maintaining very high levels of employee satisfaction.