Corporate Review
Marketing and CSR Department

The Marketing and CSR Department handles SEDCO Holding’s brand messaging and outreach. It also serves as a centralized marketing strategy and communications resource for Group operating companies.


As part of SEDCO’s brand strategy, a review of the company’s vision and mission statements was completed during 2019, aligned with Focus 2025. To reflect the new brand strategy, an evolved visual identity was created.

To bring the SEDCO brand ‘top-of-mind’ as a leading local investment group, collaboration with government entities included a partnership with the Ministry of Education through the Riyali program; working with Monsha’at to support the promotion of financial literacy to entrepreneurs; cooperation with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) to establish the Kingdom’s financial literacy entity; and a partnership with the Badir Technology Incubators and Accelerators Program to support entrepreneurs.

Awareness was also supported by SEDCO’s contribution to a number of high-profile events, speaking opportunities, and corporate sponsorships such as the Riyadh Social Forum on financial awareness, the King Faisal Exhibition, and the Jeddah Innovation Award.

Reflecting SEDCO’s leadership in corporate governance, we joined the Pearl Initiative that promotes good governance across the Gulf region.

Creating synergy between portfolio companies was boosted by the SEDCO Marketing Forum, which helped our portfolio companies to collaborate through knowledge sharing and co-promotion initiatives.

Support provided to various portfolio companies in 2019 included strategic input into Yusr International Schools and AutoWorld new brand launches.

Streamlined financial management was among the department’s highlights of the year, reducing costs by 15% and continuing to build in-house capabilities.

The Riyali financial literacy program trained more than 563,000 students during 2019, 200% above target. The total trained to date is now more than 1.2 million. Recently, Riyali’s sustainability strategy development was commissioned to an international leading consulting firm which is expected to be completed in 2020.

Various events helped to position SEDCO as the ‘Best Place to Work’ and reinforce corporate values such as volunteering, which is central to the Group’s approach to corporate responsibility. Volunteering hours achieved in 2019 were 12% above target.

A new employee wellness program — Unbod — that focuses on mind, body and soul to raise awareness of health issues and 15 events were conducted during 2019.

The impact of internal programs on employee loyalty was evaluated through an integral survey as part of 2020 planning. The findings show that people join SEDCO mainly because of its corporate reputation which is a testimony to the department’s continuous role in building a strong brand and attracting top talent.

The next year promises to be exciting as the department focuses on roll-out of SEDCO Holding’s refreshed brand, leads the development and implementation of Riyali’s new five-year sustainability strategy, and continues to strengthen the Group’s brand image.