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Arabian Farms

SEDCO Holding owns 50% of Arabian Farms, which was established in 1978. The company operates three main units: one based at Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia, and two in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Al Ain).

Dr. Suheel Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer

The Al Kharj operation produces 80 million eggs a year, supplied mostly to the local market. Established in 1999, the Dubai operation produces 120 million eggs a year including special products such as Omega 3 eggs, eco eggs, pasteurized-shell eggs, and lutein-enriched eggs. Established in 2017, the Al Ain plant produces 500 tons of fresh and chilled chicken broiler meat.

The company’s Dubai operation increased production by 7.8% during 2018 and remains the GCC’s sole producer of pasteurized-shell eggs. The product has been recommended by Dubai Municipality for food safety in recipes requiring undercooking. Lutein-enriched eggs were introduced to the portfolio in 2018, as a point of differentiation in the face of price competition.

In Al Ain, the company began work on a state-of-the-art facility to increase production to 6,000 tons of broiler meat, capturing up to 2% of the chicken meat market in the UAE. The expansion is expected to come online by the end of 2019.

Arabian Farms participated in the UAE Ag-Ccelerator initiative to promote agriculture in marginal environments and improve regional food security.

The company also undertook a large campaign during the year, called ‘Eat Right, Be Right’, to improve nutrition for school children, targeting 50,000 children to raise awareness. The company earned media coverage for its activities and also won an Excellence in Customer Service Award.

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