Sustainability Review
Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation

Salem Bin Mahfouz Foundation (SBMF) was established in 2013 as a fully licensed charitable organization. It empowers communities through sustainable institutional grants, with a focus on accountability.


In its new five-year plan that began in 2019, SBMF focuses on three strategies — sustainable impact, institutional excellence, and financial effectiveness. During the year, the foundation allocated SAR 50 million for its programs. Most of its grants went to education, and a significant share to support community development and empowering non-profit organizations.

Four key partnerships were finalized, the first with the Department of Education in Jeddah. The second partnership was formed to establish a social impact measurement center with Sulaiman Bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation, Abdulrehman Saleh Al Rajhi & Family Foundation, and Hamad Al Hussaini and His Family Charity.

The new partnership with Al Subeaei Charity, Al Rajhi Humanitarian, Al Jomaih Charity, and Al Habib Charity has the goal to acquire a company that specializes in institutional excellence in the charitable sector.

And SBMF’s fourth partnership with Endowments of Muhammad Al-Ali Al-Abdullatif and Wa3i Society will result in setting up a social awareness campaigns center.


Five new scholarships were awarded in 2019, with 54 continuing, 71 students were offered SAR 10,000 each in financial aid, and 100 students in Umm Alqura and Taif universities benefited from the media-talented program.

The Sumo program, that seeks to qualify elementary schoolteachers, and Isham, aimed at equipping high-school students with 21st century skills, were both launched after being designed and supervised by SBMF. About 180 students participated in the Sufara Alwasatia Student Forum.

A meeting with the governor of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) discussed strategic cooperation with the Riyali program. In parallel, meetings took place with the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development to support financial literacy across the country.

SBMF’s volunteering program expanded and formed five new teams, also adding 40 school volunteering clubs and 65 university volunteers.

SBMF supported the Jeddah Award for Outstanding Teachers, with five teachers receiving recognition.

SBMF founded units for social entrepreneurship in Dar Al Hekma and Taibah universities, and the STEM learning lab continued to develop established labs by providing modern equipment that supports the new direction in STEM methodology. Training in these methods was provided for 75 teachers who work in the labs.

Empowering third-sector organizations

The foundation continued allocating resources to improve third-sector organizations by developing human resources and organizational structures. SBMF’s Tawasul Forum is a platform for exchanging expertise in effective community development by nonprofit organizations. The Benaa’ program for NPOs was also launched, aiming to build the institutional capabilities of 20 organizations in the Makkah, Madinah, and Jazan regions.

SBMF founded The Wharf Almarifa Company to enhance participation in the non-profit sector in education and creativity. With donor partners, it also contributed to founding the Awareness Campaign Center to design and implement awareness campaigns on societal issues. It also founded the Impact Measurement Center with donor partners, seeking to track the social impact of development work done on behalf of the community.

The foundation also focused on its own Bin Mahfouz mosques, with more than 1,000 teachers and staff members benefiting from development programs.

Community development

Emphasis on community development continued during 2019, with a range of programs targeting family development, individual economic empowerment, youth participation in sports, and volunteering.

During Ramadan, more than 10,000 food-care packages were distributed.

The Bin Mahfouz mosques continued their special community programs, holding more than 100 social and cultural activities and 97 Qur’an memorization sessions throughout the year.

Looking ahead

SBMF will continue its second five-year strategic plan (2019-23) to align with Saudi Vision 2030. This is being developed using the balanced scorecard approach. Apart from strategic imperatives, the plan includes key social causes and the interventions planned by SBMF for maximum impact.

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