Sustainability Review

Riyali was created as a youth-focused financial literacy program that teaches young Saudis to save, invest and be financially responsible.

What started as a community outreach program has become a national movement of youth empowerment. Set in 2012, Riyali’s original target was to reach 50,000 young people in 5 years. This target was achieved two years ahead of schedule.

The targets were then expanded, with Riyali looking to reach 2 million people by 2020, backed by partnerships with public and private sector entities. Riyali has also been made available via online learning-on-demand channels to increase reach. A recent partnership with the Ministry of Education sees Riyali coursework taught in schools to benefit younger audiences.

In 2018, Riyali partnered with HSBC-affiliate SABB Bank to further amplify reach. A formal agreement offers Riyali the funding to achieve its goal of 2 million beneficiaries by 2020.

Riyali’s remit has been expanded to include entrepreneur support. The resulting Rowad Riyali initiative helps startups manage cash flow and overcome financial hurdles. It has developed links with incubators, accelerators and Chambers of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, Rowad Riyali partnered with Blossom, Saudi’s first female-focused accelerator, to support local talent. A joint program inducted 10 startups into an intensive four-week accelerator to equip founders with the tools, networks and resources to succeed.

Rowad Riyali also participated at the 2018 Business Youth Exhibition, where visitors were asked to try an on-the-spot lesson to deliver a successful elevator pitch.

Riyali’s successes in 2018 saw it win the 2018 IBX CSR and 2018 Learning Technologies Award.

In 2019, Riyali will pursue ambitious expansion to accommodate more stakeholders and engage new audiences. Its growth plans are aligned with entrepreneurial opportunities sparked by the National Transformation Plans 2020 and 2023, and Saudi Vision 2030.


Riyali aims to reach 2 million people by 2020.

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