Corporate Review
Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department had an active and fulfilling year, meeting 100% of all SLA targets for the operating companies it supports. We completed 24 business-sponsored projects, with a 92% project satisfaction rating, and reduced our operating expenses by 17% against budget.


The department provides services to eight SEDCO companies under Service Level Agreements; on-demand services such as IT advisory, implementation projects and training; and improvement and awareness programs to enhance IT services and to build awareness of cybersecurity and technology. A sophisticated suite of infrastructure and systems helps maintain quality, efficiency and productivity throughout the Group.

Covid-19 has emphasized the need for automation – specifically, creation of the truly ‘paperless’ office – and for the IT function to be resilient enough to support the continuity of business operations and eliminate paper-based workflow.

In line with this, IT successfully modernized the server infrastructure to provide a more robust virtual office. We also enhanced security and provided cloud capabilities. The resulting improvement in business continuity and disaster recovery led to the full automation of 29 business processes against the target of 22 in the Group Digital Transformation initiative.

Following the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority’s (ZATCA) mandate that all companies should issue e-invoices by early December 2021, the department led the implementation of e-invoice systems for 14 of SEDCO’s VAT registered companies, launching ahead of deadline and in full compliance with ZATCA’s technical requirements.

Other key developments included developing the Injaz Performance Management system to further automate the company, with individual goal setting, performance tracking and appraisals; participating in AutoWorld’s Digital transformation project; providing advisory services to Alshiaka on their ERP and Teams assessment; automating SEDCO Capital’s personal securities trading requirements; and enhancing the Group’s cyber security infrastructure.

SEDCO’S Focus 2025 blueprint has some major and challenging IT elements, such as creating new efficiencies and cost optimization, using process digitalization and artificial intelligence; exploiting opportunities for the monetization of data to create new revenue streams; and supporting SEDCO operating companies to meet their digital transformation objectives.

These will be our main areas of focus in the year ahead when, as part of our ongoing digital transformation, we will roll out the Injaz Performance Management and Investment Information systems, the latter acting as a central repository for SEDCO’s investments in all asset classes by performance and valuation.

Lastly, we plan to develop and implement a training program, in coordination with the HR Department, to enhance data analytics skills and build a data driven culture across the Group.